Relevant School and Council Guidance

Please note that all relevant Aberdeenshire Council Education information can be found here.

Guidance for processes and procedures here at Mackie Academy are listed below in alphabetically order:


Adverse Weather Circumstances 2019-20

This document will be updated by the end of September 2020 for 2020-21.

Anti-Bullying Guidance document 2020-21

Curriculum Rationale

Please note that the curriculum rationale document is being reviewed in 2020-21

Educational Visits Handbook for Parents


Please note that the homework policy is currently being reviewed in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the school’s whole scale use of Google Classrooms to engage with parents.

I – P

Mobile Devices Acceptable Use

This policy is currently under review as the school moves towards a BYOD policy.


SQA Exams Presentation Guidance 2019-20

This document will be updated in due course once further information is received from the SQA regarding exams in 2020-21.