Mackie Academy School and PE Kit Arrangements


The key aims behind our school dress code at Mackie Academy are:

1. To promote a positive image and ethos for Mackie Academy students both in school and whilst representing the school elsewhere.

2.  To engage students in being positive role models as members of the community.

3.  To provide an inclusive environment for all with a cost-effective solution for parents and carers.


Aberdeenshire Council has a policy related to Free School Meals and a clothing grant for students attending school.  Further information about this can be found here.


After a consultation process in the first half of 2022 with students, parents and staff a revised School Dress code for Mackie Academy can be found here.

Any student starting at Mackie Academy will be provided with a school tie.  Any further ties can be purchased from our School Office for £7.50.

If students wish to purchase a blazer they can do so directly from our supplier, Logoxpres, at  Once there go to the “School Finder”, find Stonehaven and then Mackie Academy and you will be directed to our unique page where you can order your items. From there you can choose to have the items delivered to your home address.  Other items are available, at reasonable prices, should you wish to purchase them going forwards.

For August 2023 we are introducing a Mackie Academy hoodie for our young people to wear should they choose to wear a hoodie to school.  We are delighted to be working with Stitch n Print in Stonehaven as a local producer and company of high quality.  The hoodies are available in three colours – black, grey and red – in a variety of sizes and can be ordered online at Mackie Academy Overhead Hoodies (   You can then choose to pick up your items from the shop or have them delivered.


The school operates a uniform swop shop at different times in the  year.  Further information can be gained from the school office and thank you to our Parent Council for this initiative.  We are looking to move this into a more accessible location for the new academic year so that people can access it as and when they require to do so.


If pupils lose any items they should check with wherever they last thought they left it and Front Reception where lost items are collected and kept for one term.