SWANLEYHistory of Swanley

The name Swanley represents an extensive area of land to the west of Stonehaven as you head over the Slug Road towards Banchory.  The Hill of Swanley represents a forested area which is adjacent to Fetteresso Woods and is now used extensively for commercial forestry.  It is also used for many leisure pursuits today, including extensive mountain biking trails.

Swanley Today

PT Pupil Support and Attainment: Mrs Jill Black

DHT Link: Mrs Fiona Stark

Tutor Group Teachers  2019-20

1S1- Felicity Katsaitis- Mathematics and Computing

1S2- Irene Ritchie- Mathematics and Computing

2S1- Wesley Leith- Mathematics and Computing

2S2- Debbie Johnstone (Monday) Katrina MacDonald (Tuesday to Friday)- Science

3S1- Alison Young (Monday- Thursday) Jane Leith (Friday)- Mathematics and Computing

3S2- Neil Benzie- Science

4S1- Sean Strachan- Mathematics and Computing

4S2- Eleanor Henderson- Mathematics and Computing

5S1- Dawn Elliot- Mathematics and Computing

5S2- Bill Groucott- Art, Design and Technology


Pupil Leadership 2019-20

House Captains

Ellie Fotheringham, Emma Tullock, Anna Murray, Laura Ritchie, Martha Roseweir

Junior House Captains

Rebecca Watt, Anya Tullock, Mhairi Davies



Ciara McIntosh, Daniel Banister, Sophie Lindeman, Fergus Cran, Molly Pennington, Elly May Nilssen, Abbey Patterson, Eileen Hall, Katrina Lawson, Nicole Beresford


Alex Gardie, Jamie McKnight, Evan Ross, Jennifer Bruce, Ruairidh Morrison


Ross Greenlees, Lily Moody, Esme Donaldson, Kerensa McIntosh, Connor Anderson, Abby Donaldson, Caitlin Stables, Lily Noble