Additional Support for Learning

 The Additional Support Needs (ASN) faculty works throughout the school to support the learning and teaching experiences for all students.

Many students will have an additional support need at some point in their education. It may be short-lived such as the need for support with writing due to a broken arm, or life-long such as the need for support with social understanding or communication due to an Autistic Spectrum Condition.

Wherever possible support is provided in such a way that the student is included in all aspects of school life and learning, and is encouraged to be an independent learner. It is vital that students understand the nature of their additional support needs and the strategies they can use to overcome difficulties and support themselves as they move beyond school into work, college or university.

All students with an additional support need will have a profile prepared by their Support for Learning link teacher that provides a brief summary of the nature of the needs and lists recommended strategies that can be used in class by the teacher or the student.  This profile is made available to all staff who can then respond to the student’s needs in the classroom. The profile is shared and discussed with the student and their parents or carers at least annually.  Amendments can be made at any time in order to ensure the profile is reflects the student’s development. For some particular additional needs, profiles are hyperlinked to a document giving further general strategies that can support the student.

For many students this sharing of knowledge and then the support they receive in class from their class  teacher provides all the support they require for success. They may only need to meet with their Support for Learning link teacher once a year to review the profile.

For other students there may be support in class from Support for Learning teachers or Pupil Support Assistants.  Even if there is no support staff in a student’s class, it may well be that a Support for Learning teacher has been working with the class teacher or the subject Faculty to provide support resources and guidelines.