Work Experience June 2019

September 2018




Dear Parent


Work Experience June 2019


A work experience opportunity is a key part of our career education programme whereby pupils are offered the opportunity of work placements during their school career, normally in S3/S4.


Our work placement week this session is Monday 17 June to Friday 21 June 2019.


All pupils who are interested in a work experience placement can collect a Self-Found form from Mrs Stark, Acting DHT, or Mrs Donald, Clerical Assistant, or alternatively sign up for access to the Aberdeenshire WorkIT website. The deadline for return of the Self-Found form and completion of online WorkIT applications is Thursday 14 February 2019.


There are two ways a pupil can find a suitable work experience placement:

  1. Self-Found: where a pupil has the responsibility to locate and secure a work placement by themselves, normally helped by relevant family and friend contacts.
  2. WorkIT: where a pupil applies on Aberdeenshire’s Work Experience website choosing from a selection of listed companies. We cannot however guarantee this process will result in a placement. The link is and interested pupils can be issued with login and password details, once they express interest, and can register with the help of Mrs Stark and Mrs Donald.


Ideally, we request that pupils wishing to part take in a work experience opportunity initially seek a Self-Found placement as this offers them a confirmed opportunity.  In arranging a Self-Found placement your son/daughter must complete a Self-Found form which has sections to be signed by the pupil, the parent and the employer.  This form can be collected from Mrs Stark or Mrs Donald.  Pupils who wish to use Work IT will be briefed on its use, allowing them to explore their applications outside of school time as it is a web based programme which can be accessed at any time.


We take the health, safety and well-being of our pupils very seriously, and this still applies when they are on their work experience placement.  Aberdeenshire Council works closely with placement providers to help them provide a safe and secure working environment, and a Health and Safety Workplace Assessor will always visit the premises to carry out a risk assessment prior to a work placement being agreed for our pupils.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact me on or via the school contact number 01569 762071.


Yours sincerely

Fiona Stark,

Acting Depute Head Teacher