Update to Pupils and Parents: 14.09.20

Dear Pupils and Parents,

We had a fabulous end to the week with our “Mackie Mile” raising over £1100 for our local foodbanks.  If pupils still wish to make a monetary donation this week they can do so at Front Reception.  We will be looking to donate our monies as swiftly as possible so they can be put to good use.  It was really lovely to do an event that brought pupils and staff together at a time where that is very difficult to do and the behaviour of all involved was exemplary.

It was also good for pupils to see their tutors on Friday and we will aim to do another tutor time session before the end of term to enable positive and productive working relationships to be maintained.

The Pupil and Parent Information Site continues to be updated on a weekly basis, with Version Three of guidance from the Scottish Government around the return to school being published last Friday.  We are currently just in receipt of or are awaiting further information around the subject areas of PE, HE, Music and Drama and will provide an update on this to parents next week.

In the meantime we would draw your attention to the following:

School App and Communications

We are delighted to have nearly 700 downloads of our School App to aid communications with pupils and parents.  All the instructions on how to download the app onto your mobile device and how to make best use of it are on the front page of our information site.  This is now our main mode of communication with parents for swift updates so we would really appreciate it if you can download the app to your mobile device.

Collective Responsibility

We know that it is difficult to remember everything that we are meant to do and not meant to do with guidance changing all the time.  In the majority our young folk are taking a very mature approach to this and the key message we are promoting is that we want our young folk in school and therefore if everyone plays their part in this then we can do no more as a school community.  Thank you to all parents and carers for supporting us in this.


We are going to trial having the canteen open to all year groups, along with the snack bar in the Main Hall, every day at breaktime.  Throughflow over the past few weeks would suggest this is possible but we will review how it has gone at the end of the week before making a final decision about whether this continues or not.

Responsible User Agreement (RUA)

On Friday we hit our target of 90% sign up to this which will enable us to provide free Wi-Fi within the school and thus enable young people to bring their own devices to school should they wish to do so.  Further information on this will be coming out over the course of the week but if you want any further information on this then please go to the Pupil and Parent Information Site RUA Page.  If your child is currently under the age of 13 then you need to complete this process with them.


This weekend has seen our outdoor classroom fitted our with a permanent roof alongside all the building of tents over the past couple of weeks.  We now have a range of structures that our young people can shelter under when the weather is not great.

Have a good week,

Louise Moir

Head Teacher