Update to our learning community: June 2024

June has arrived with a beautiful weekend of weather for most and hopefully that will now continue as we work towards the summer holidays so that planned events such as our S1 transition week and Sports Day do not fall foul of the weather!!

Our SQA exam session for 2024 ended at the end of May and we have received very positive feedback from our invigilator team regarding our young people and how they conducted themselves during this period.  A reminder that support services are available around results day which is Tuesday, 6th August 2024 and you can find information about these on our Curriculum Pathways and SQA Information page.

We are currently developing the Working Time Agreement for 2024-25 with staff; this is where dates associated with parents’ evenings are decided and these will then be updated onto the school website over the summer holidays.  All information will be available to parents and carers for our return to school in August 2024.

Our new S3 students will continue their learning journey from Explorers in S1 to Adventurers in S2 now into S3 and Voyagers.  The aim of this learning experience is to prepare our young people for the Senior Phase and the decisions they will make around pathways progression through allowing them to experience work-based learning alongside skills development to prepare them going forwards.  You can find out more about this on our Curriculum Pathways and SQA Information page.  Just look for the S3 Voyagers experience.

Tuesday, 4th June 2024 is the start of our new timetable and all relevant information for parents and carers can be found on the School News section of our Pupil and Parent Information site.  Key things to note are:

  • Days for young people to wear their school kit or PE kit. This is essential.
  • How to purchase Mackie Academy hoodies.
  • What are acceptable items for school kit and PE kit.

We are looking to operate our school swop again during our S1 transition week (week beginning 17th June 2024) so if you wish to bring in items of clothing that have been outgrown during this time you can do so.  Further information to follow from our S1 Cost of the School Day group that are leading on this.

Our Mackie Academy Pupil and Parent Information Site has been updated with new information in the following sections:

School News – our library Spring newsletter is now available alongside other essential information for the start of the new timetable.

National and Local Authority News – a reminder that if you have not done so already registering with the Parents Portal is becoming an essential part of life here at Mackie Academy.  All the information around how to do this can be found here.

Curriculum Pathways and SQA Information – information about SQA results day and support services around this can now be found here.

Learning and Teaching at Mackie Academy  – key information about how learning and teaching works here at Mackie Academy.  Worth noting here is access to learning for young people should there be disruption to the school day due to weather.

Health, Wellbeing and Support at Mackie Academy – new online sessions for parents and carers from the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution are now posted here.

Our final Parent Council meeting takes place on Wednesday, 26th June 2024 at Mackie Academy in G3 at 19.00.  Any member of the parent forum is welcome to attend, and the agenda will be posted on the Parent Council page of the school website nearer the time.

As we move towards the summer holidays it is always a time of change and transition for Mackie Academy.  We not only say goodbye to our S4, S5 and S6 leavers but we also say goodbye to a number of staff members.  This year, three long-serving members of staff are retiring from the team here at Mackie Academy – Mrs Dey (English Faculty), Mr Groucott (Art, Design and Technologies Faculty) and Mrs Maclean (Social Subjects Faculty) have all given a significant number of years’ service to this school and its community.  We wish them all the best in their retirement and take this opportunity to thank them for all their time, commitment, and efforts for the young people of Mackie Academy.  We will have a number of new faces starting with us here in August 2024 and introductions will be made at that time.

Take care everyone and here’s hoping for a sunny, warm month of June.

Louise Moir

Head Teacher