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Broad General Education (BGE) Science

The S1 BGE course sees all pupils undertake a 2-week starter unit where pupils will learn all of the basic skills needed within the Science laboratory. Classes will then complete rotations of seven topics: “Microscopes and Cells”, “Electricity”, “Solids, Liquids and Gases”, “Acids and Alkalis”, “Space”, “Energy” and “Microbiology”. All units are combine experimental work with interactive activities and theory.

In S2 BGE Science, learners will complete another seven topics: “Body Systems and Technology, “Solutions”, “Earth’s Materials”, “Waves and Radiation”, “Inheritance”, “Forces”, “Biodiversity” and “Substances”.

In S3, pupils can personalise their curriculum and can take one, two or three discrete sciences. Each course is delivered in two periods per week. They will cover level 4 outcomes further exploring their chosen subject in greater breadth and depth.


Senior Phase


Biology can be studied from National 3 up to Advanced Higher, and Human Biology at Higher level. Biology, the study of living organisms, plays a crucial role in our everyday life, and is an increasingly important subject in the modern world. Biology affects everyone, and biologists work to find solutions to many of the world’s problems. Advances in technology have made biology more exciting and relevant than ever.


Chemistry can be studied from National 3 up to Advanced Higher. Chemistry is the study of matter at the level of atoms, molecules, ions and compounds. These substances are the building blocks of life and all of the materials that surround us. Chemists play a vital role in the production of everyday commodities. Chemistry research and development is essential for the introduction of new products. The study of chemistry isof benefit not only to those intending to pursue a career in science, but also to those intending to work in areas such as the food, health, textile or manufacturing industries.


Physics can be studied from National 3 up to Advanced Higher. Physics is the study of matter, energy and the interaction between them. This entails asking fundamental questions and trying to answer them by observing and experimenting. The answers to such questions can lead to advances in our understanding of the world around us and often result in technological improvements which enhance the lives of all. The study of physics is of benefit, not only to those intending to pursue a career in science, but also to those intending to work in areas such as the health, energy, leisure and computing industries.

Skills for Work: Laboratory Science

Skills for Work: Laboratory Science can be studied at National 5. The course is designed to introduce learners to the knowledge and skills which are required for employment/further study in the wide range of industries and services using laboratory science, and to develop an awareness of the opportunities and range of employment within the sector. A variety and range of industries and services are explored and the career opportunities, in science laboratories, in a local, national and global setting. Learners have the opportunity to develop the basic practical skills for working in a laboratory: measuring, weighing and preparing compounds and solutions, and to understand and implement the health and safety requirements for a safe working environment. The specific practical skills are related to microbiology, radioactivity, chemical handling and laboratory instrumentation. 


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Ms McKenna (Faculty Head of Science)

Miss Owen (Biology Full-time)

Miss Sankar (Biology Full-time)

Mrs MacDonald (Biology Tuesday – Friday)

Mrs Johnstone (Biology Monday and Tuesday)

Mrs Smith (Biology Wednesday and Thursday)

Dr Blake (Chemistry Full-time)

Mr Benzie (Chemistry and Physics Full-time)

Mr Boswell (Chemistry Full-time)

Miss Zacarias (Chemistry and Physics Full-time)

Dr Boyd (Physics and Biology Full-time)

Mr Chapman (Physics Full-time)

Mr McFadyen (Physics Full-time)

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