Career Ready Programme

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Aspire, Accelerate, Achieve more in your S5/6

This is a fantastic business and personal development opportunity for pupils committed to staying on for S5 and S6.

What do you need?

  • Stamina, drive and determination to do more than just study subjects in class
  • You must be studying between 1 and 3 subjects at Higher in S5 and similar in S6, one of which must be a STEM subject.
  • Commit to a two year programme


What will successful participants get?

  •  A personal business mentor to support you with your school studies and the programme
  •  A paid 5 week paid internship at an international company based in North-East Scotland
  •  A series of masterclasses delivered by successful business people based in North East Scotland
  •  Visits & seminars at international businesses within North-East Scotland


There are likely to be between five and eight places available to students from Mackie Academy and you must be willing to commit to staying on through both S5 and 6. You must also be willing to commit the last week of summer term and the first four weeks of summer holiday between S5 & S6 in order to complete the 5 week internship (which must be continuous and during those weeks)

This is not an option instead of a subject choice. It’s an additional enrichment option.

Applications for entry to the programme for 2016-17 are now open and can be made at this link

Mackie Academy will have five students from S6 students entering the final year of the programme.

Further information for pupils and parents is available from the Career Ready website at

Mackie Career Ready Assembly 1 March 2016
Mackie Career Ready Info Sheet 2016-17