Useful Information for Parents


Each month the school sends out an email to parents with useful information relating to events in school and those of wider interest to parents.  The archive of content for the past academic year can be found below:







Please find below our March update for parents:

Coronavirus (Covid 19) update

As with all other establishments we are following the guidance set out for educational settings which can be found here.  In addition to this if you have any concerns general advice on the situation can be found here.  All documentation states when it was last updated.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.  We will also be reviewing the guidance in line with any upcoming educational visits and will contact pupils and parents directly on any relevant matters.

Developing the Young Workforce at Mackie Academy

The latest bulletin for February 2020 can be found here.  It is a really busy time of year for our pupils thinking about options for 2020-21 and lots of support is available either through your child’s Pupil Support and Attainment (Guidance) Team Leader and / or Mrs Angel, Principal Teacher for Developing the Young Workforce.

Opportunities for All (Working with Young People) offer a monthly bulletin which showcases work opportunities around Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City.  The highlights can be found in the bulletin above.  It is useful for any young people looking to move on from the school environment or combine work opportunities with their studies.  In addition to this they have a Facebook page which is kept up to date with all opportunities and can be found here.

Parents may be interested in a recent publication by Skills Development Scotland  called Skills 4.0 which focuses on skills and human capital to give a strong foundation from which to build a sustainable and inclusive Scottish economy.  It is a paper that proposes a model for those skills – categorised into Self management, Social intelligence and Innovation – in the future.  It is a interesting read.

My World of Work have produced a resource for teachers and parents called “My World of Work Live: Meet the Expert”. This You Tube channel allows you to see into different fields of work from people currently in them and could prove a useful discussion point with your child.

Later this month our S1 and S2 pupils will experience a day of “My World of Work” activities of which one area will be gender stereotyping and equalities.  Parents may find the latest guidance on the Parentzone website around this topic an interesting read.  Further information is also available on this in the DYW bulletin above.


For a number of years we have made the magazine “Digital Parenting” available to parents.  This is now changing to a new platform called Parent Info which is a collaboration between  and , providing support and guidance for parents from 

It hosts a wide variety of information for parents on subjects such as Health and Wellbeing, Education and the Future and Parenting as well as many more.  We hope that parents find it of use.

Parents may also find the latest tool from the London School of Economics and Political Science called “My Data and Privacy Online: A toolkit for young people” exceptionally useful.

Empowerment Agenda for Parents

This developing resource is designed to support our empowered system in its collective endeavour to improve children and young people’s outcomes. The draft jigsaw and supporting guidance explore the contributions of eight key partners in an empowered system. They encourage collaboration, collegiality and mutual respect between all partners.

Parents may find the resource developed by the National Parent Forum for Scotland useful as a guide to this key piece of work within Scottish education.

Aberdeenshire Council Children’s Services Plan

The latest summary document (2018-19) is now available on the Aberdeenshire GIRFEC (Getting it Right for Every Child) website here.

Tree of Knowledge S4 “Laugh in the Face of Exams”

Some of our S4 pupils participated in sessions with our colleagues from Tree of Knowledge last week to help them reflect on their N5 estimate exam performance and think about how best to approach their revision going forwards.  Pupil feedback was very positive with over 80% of pupils saying that they left the session more confident about doing something differently about their revision for their final exams.  As parents you may want to know more about these sessions so additional information about what went on is available to you here.  In addition to this there is a video link which you may also find useful.

Thank you for taking the time to read our monthly bulletin.

Louise Moir

Head Teacher