Useful Information for Parents


Each month the school sends out an email to parents with useful information relating to events in school and those of wider interest to parents.  The archive of content for the past academic year can be found below:


Please find below our October update for parents:

Mackie Academy 50th Anniversary Photographs

Unfortunately our photos did not take place as planned due to a failure of equipment by Tempest photography.  We are looking to rearrange these for later in the year.

Career Pathways

We have our first parents evening of the year this Wednesday for the Senior Phase.  Parents may find the following resources on the Parentzone and National Parent Forum websites useful to inform them about the different options open to young people these days when they are making these decisions.

Homework Club

A reminder that the school operates a homework club after school on Mondays through to Thursdays in the library from 15.30 – 17.30.  The club is manned by staff and is an opportunity for pupils to find a space to get work done that has to be completed outside of lessons.  A small number of pupils are making use of this resource at the moment but we will be directing pupils and parents towards this if recent reports indicate that homework issues are a concern for the young person.

HPV Vaccinations

High vaccine uptake rates confirm that the programme has been extremely successful since introduced in 2008 for S1 girls. Over 80% of girls in Scotland have completed the full two dose course of HPV vaccinations by the end of S3. Most importantly, new findings show the levels of cancer-causing HPV in Scotland have dropped by 90% in young women, demonstrating the significant and continued benefits of our vaccination programme. 
Extending the routine vaccination programme to include boys has the potential to further reduce the levels of cancer-causing HPV and save lives in the future. The programme will continue to be monitored by Health Protection Scotland and the Scottish Government. We would anticipate similarly high levels of uptake amongst all young people.  If you wish to find out more about the vaccination programme you can watch a short video on the matter here.

Wider Achievement Clubs 2019-20

Our Wider Achievement Fayre took place in September 2019 and parents can find a list of the clubs that pupils can participate in here.  Any questions can be directed to your child’s Pupil Support and Attainment (Guidance) Leader.

Parent Help Guide: Social Pressures – Friends and Followers

The second guide in a mini-series based on social pressures relates to the whole concept of ‘friends and followers’. Social media can’t work without users connecting with each other. But sometimes accumulating more friends and followers doesn’t always live up to its expectations and it’s important for parents to be aware of the pitfalls which can come with a child’s desire to be seen as popular.  The guide can be found here and can be downloaded if you wish.

Aberdeenshire Council: Budget Simulator

This is an online tool where people are shown what the Council expects to get next year in terms of funding. They will then will see below that a range of services that the Council needs to deliver and are asked to allocate money to services and set/balance their own budget.

In principle it sounds simple, but it may not be. There is a difference between the money that the Council expects to get in and the cost of delivering services. So if you want to add money to a service, you will need to take some away elsewhere. Protecting areas might result in a need to put up Council Tax or add other income.

The tool itself will stay open for completions until 20th October, and any Aberdeenshire resident is being encouraged to take part and attempt to set a balanced budget. The results of this will be given to Councillors to feed in to the 2020/21 budget setting process.

Aberdeenshire Employment Support Team

This is a free service that exists to support people into employment and further information can be found here.

Anti-Social Behaviours

Whilst the majority of our young people continue to behave in exactly the manner we would all expect problems are still be experienced at the Redcloak shops at lunchtimes.  Members of the public are reporting to the police that pupils are throwing items at their cars which is causing them to swerve and is clearly both dangerous and upsetting to those involved.

Parents should be aware that the businesses at Redcloak have CCTV which can be used by Police Scotland in these instances and such matters will be dealt with by the police and not the school.  If your child does go out of school for lunch could you please remind them of expectations around their behaviours to ensure that they do not place themselves in a difficult set of circumstances.  The school would very much appreciate your support on  this.

Thanks for reading our monthly bulletin and we hope you find it useful.  We wish everyone a restful October break and look forward to seeing pupils back in school on Monday, 28th October 2019.

Louise Moir

Head Teacher