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Modern Studies – Politics – Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

Broad General Education

Modern Studies enables learners to have a greater understanding of the principles and practice of democracy and their role as citizens, whilst encouraging learners to question and consider their own values and beliefs.

In S1 Modern Studies is part of the integrated Social Studies course where political literacy is explored through a variety of learning experiences including looking at rights and responsibilities of citizens in Scotland and the work of the Scottish Parliament.

In S2 and S3 Modern Studies is taught as a discreet subject and topics covered include China, Terrorism and Conflict studies, UK democracy including the threats to democracy and a study of pressure group action, a study of the needs of the Elderly including fieldwork in the local area and poverty both in the UK and abroad. In both S2 and S3 there is a focus on developing the skills of analysis, recognising bias and drawing conclusions in order to prepare for National 5. Learners will regularly complete work at National 4 level.

Senior Phase

From S4 learners can follow the National 4/ 5 Modern Studies course.  Topics covered include Democracy within Scotland, including a visit to the Scottish Parliament, the causes and consequences of crime in Scotland and the USA as a world power.

The Higher course covers the following topics: Democracy in Scotland and the UK- election systems, voting behaviour, the role of Government and Parliament and the UK political context. Social Issues in the UK – with a focus on social inequality and International issues – a contemporary world issue eg terrorism and conflict.

In AH learners will study Crime and Law and Research Methods  examining the effectiveness of the Scottish justice system, establishing the causes of crime and then analysing attempts to reduce crime.  Learners complete a dissertation.  Visits to HMP Grampian and regular input from experts are key aspects of this course.

Higher Politics

Learners can undertake to study Higher Politics in S5/6 learning about political theories, political systems, including comparisons with the USA and political parties and elections.

All Senior Phase learners can access online support from for N5/H/AH pupils. Usernames and passwords are provided and annually updated.

For those learners on Twitter @mods_mackie provides regular subject related links and updates to encourage learners to update and expand their knowledge of relevant current affairs.

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Senior Phase – RMPS

You can find out more about RMPS in the BGE and core S4 in the ‘Whole School RMPS’ tab.

In National 5 learners  can complete the coursework in either four lessons or in two lessons per week if taking the ‘5th option’. They will undertake topics including Islam, Morality and Conflict (or Morality, Medicine and the Human Body) and Religious and Philosophical Questions  – the Origins of life (or the Existence of God).

Higher RMPS includes learning about the world religion of Judaism, understanding the complex issues surrounding Morality and Punishment and Religious and Philosophical Questions – the Existence of God.