Mathematics and Computing

Broad General Education

As pupils study Mathematics in S1 – S3, they will continually develop essential numeracy skills which are essential for life, learning and work. They will learn to apply all Mathematical skills in relevant contexts with regular focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills. Mathematical areas covered throughout S1 – S3 include Number, Money and Measure; Shape, Position and Movement; and Information Handling.

A variety of teaching methodologies and approaches are used in the classroom in order to appeal to all learning styles. ICT resources are used to very good effect as well as active learning approaches and group work in addition to traditional teacher led whole class teaching.

The Faculty takes into account needs of all learners, making the most effective use of S.F.L. and support staff.

Pupils can expect Mathematics homework on a regular basis in order to help consolidate material covered in the classroom. This may take the form of electronic online materials which are regularly tracked by staff.

Senior Phase

Mathematics courses offered are National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. We also offer National 4 and National 5 Applications of Mathematics.

The National 4 course contains 3 mandatory units of work which include a Numeracy unit. National 5 contains 3 mandatory units plus a final external exam; core Numeracy at National 5 is automatically awarded with the course.

The Higher Mathematics course builds on the skills developed at National 5 with continued rigorous application in new topics.

Advanced Higher Mathematics builds on skills developed at Higher level. The course provides and excellent preparation for any wishing to study Mathematics or Mathematical Sciences/Engineering at University. Also on offer is Advanced Higher Mathematics of Mechanics. This course gives students an in-depth study of the relationship between real-life situations and mathematical models.

We continue to use the methodologies detailed above – using the best of traditional style teacher led classes as well as taking innovative approaches where appropriate. There will be increased focus on independent learning.

The Faculty contains a strong homework policy. Homework continues to be an integral part Mathematics learning and development. There will be a higher demand placed on learners during the senior phase with a continued emphasis on developing confidence in the subject, responsibility,  and thus successful learning. All can expect homework to be issued after most lessons.

For National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher the final grade is based on performance in the external SQA exam. There is no internally assessed component that contributes to this. Thus it is absolutely essential that students exercise responsibility and apply themselves consistently from the very outset of these courses in order to achieve their best.