Health and Wellbeing across Learning

Health and wellbeing across learning

Broad General Education

The PSE course during the Broad General Education is a spiral curriculum, meaning that we build the pupil’s knowledge and skills in a subject area by going into it in more depth on an annual basis. Our topics include Safety, Study Skills, Careers, Peer Relations, Growing Up/Sexual Health and Relationships, Healthy Lifestyles, Personal Achievements and Substance Misuse.  Our pupils undertake a variety of activities from individual tasks to paired and group work and they develop their writing skills, their group discussion and debate skills, their ICT skills, their presentation skills and their higher order thinking skills.  The pupils are exposed to a variety of media and their progress is assessed throughout.

Senior Phase

In the Senior Phase of PSE our pupils continue with the spiral curriculum, once again looking at topics in greater breadth and depth. We also cover the topics of Parenthood, Safe driving and preparation for life beyond school. As part of our S5 course we follow the Youth Philanthropy Initiative, where the pupils are organised into groups to research and produce a presentation on the work of a local charity, in a bid to be awarded £3000 for their chosen charity. This experience has proved a great success over recent years and one that the pupils themselves acknowledge they get a lot out of. In S6 the PSE provision is organised by the Senior Management Team and involves several external speakers and presentations.