Curriculum Contributions

September 2020: Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic no contributions are required at this time.  The school will be reviewing this in due course and will correspond with parents at that time.

Each year the school asks parents if they would like to make a contribution towards the cost of subjects in Art, Design and Technology and Home Economics to enable the school to give as wide a range of learning experiences to pupils as possible.  If your child is in receipt of Free School Meals no payment is required.

The costs are as outlined here.

Correspondence will come directly to you from the school and payments are made online.  Aberdeenshire Council has introduced a secure and easy way of making payments to your Child’s Academy for recoveries called ‘ipay-impact system’. This is the easiest and most secure way that parents can make payments for their child. It is currently being used for school meal payments and is our preferred method of payment. A video guide to the registration process is available online at

Should you have any queries or issues with registering for this system please contact the helpline on 03456 08 12 02. Once logged in you will find your child’s subjects on your account with amount due.

If you have any concerns around these payments and your child please contact your child’s Pupil Support and Attainment (Guidance) Team Leader and we will look to find a resolution.  No child will not be allowed to experience these curriculum experiences due to non-payment.  However, we do have to review what we can provide each year on the basis of these contributions.