Work Experience

Work Experience at Mackie Academy

Work experience is an important part of our career education programme.  Pupils seek a placement with local employers or organisations, usually for one week.  During this time, they are treated as young employees of the organisation and are engaged in a range of tasks or duties which allow pupils to learn about the skills and attitudes that employers are seeking. In our experience pupils have found that the placement encourages them to think positively about the qualities and skills that they may need to develop and become more informed about their careers they may be interested in.

Pupils are entitled to undertake a number of work experience placements during their school career and these can be undertaken from the end of S3 into the senior phase years.

There are two ways a pupil can find a suitable work experience placement:

  1. Self Found: where a pupil has the responsibility to locate a work placement. This is normally done through family and friends.
  2. WorkIT: where a pupil applies on Aberdeenshire’s Work Experience website with listed companies. We cannot guarantee these will result in a placement.

Ideally, we request that pupils wishing to part take in this opportunity initially seek a Self Found placement as this is a confirmed opportunity. In arranging a self-found placement your son/daughter must complete a Self Found form which has sections to be signed by the pupil, the parent and the employer.

Pupils who wish to use WorkIt will be briefed on its use and this will allow pupils to explore their applications during the summer holidays before Guidance teachers which can then be completed outside school.

We take the health, safety and well-being of our pupils very seriously, and this still applies when they are on their work experience placement.  Aberdeenshire Council works closely with placement providers to help them provide a safe and secure working environment, and a Health & Safety Workplace Assessor will always visit the premises to carry out a risk assessment.

For further information please contact Kieran Kenny, Depute Head Teacher, on