Stonehaven Floods


In the historic town of Stonehaven there have been two floods one in 2009 and 2012.  100’s of homes were severally damaged and many people had to go live with family members or at hotels and B&B’.  we interviewed someone from our school e.g. Michael how had to leave his home for six months   It’s not all bad news though, the good news is that the council will put permanent flood defences in place.  In the meantime many people have purchased flood gates for doors to try to prevent future floods from coming in their homes.  Work has just started, however this will take several years  to complete and so residents are still worried, especially as houses are being built over ground the currently helps absorb water.  Stewart Milne homes are being built at Carron den; people are concerned that more housing will increase the chance of flooding.  We interviewed a member of the Stonehaven flood defence group, the Mr Craig interview we asked him about what the Stonehaven flood prevention group is about and what they do, they meet up every third Tuesday in invercarron and what they do is they meet up with Aberdeenshire council ect. To make sure that they’re keeping up the standards on the protection of places and people, they also raise money to help people recover after the floods, Mr Craig personally thinks that the Stuart Milne houses are a bad idea because they are putting in drains for the flood but the drains won’t be maintained.   Jamie Strachan the director of Stuart Milne said that the drains are part of that huge draining system, the water will go into the drain into a pond then back into the river, yes there won’t be any maintenance but with the way it works it probably won’t need it. residents are hoping the Stewart Milne plans for drains do happened and in the meantime we are hoping for lots of dry weather. This is Bethan , Katie , Amy , Rona , Jamie  and Lewis  for BBC school report.