RNLI Stonehaven Station

After the Marine Time Institution lifeboat station closing in Stonehaven due to a big storm, Stonehaven had been without a lifeboat station for over a year. Likely for use the R.N.L.I. has taken the role of being Stonehaven’s lifeboat service, and if you know Stonehaven then you will know that Stonehaven has had quite a lot of floods over the last couple of years and people have been struggling to handle these situations as well as they would if we had had a lifeboat station here.

People are wondering how they will cope with the busy summer, and how many life’s they will save, if any.

By Peter , John , Ross , Jacob  and Jack


The R.N.L.I. is a charity that saves peoples life’s out at sea and on a beach if it is needed, and Stonehaven often does need it. When the station wasn’t even open the R.N.L.I. saved a brother and sister who had fallen down a cliff. And since then they have save many other unfortunate or plainly stupid people. Half of their money comes from donations that people just like you make to help the service save many people’s life’s.

We weren’t able to get an interview with anyone in the station because they were busy, training or helping people. Although we did go down to the harbour to see what there was. And what we did see were lots of fancy lifeboats that were a lot bigger than we expected them to be. The main building looks like where they hold their biggest lifeboat like the ones that you always see on the TV and in books. Since that they are located right next to the harbour this allows easy access to the sea which means that they can quickly get out to people.

The R.N.L.I. looks like they are ready for the summer and from what we have read on the website it also sounds like they are ready. The summer is always a tough time for lifeboat services, with so many people going sailing, swimming and for walks along the cliff side.

It seems like people around here will not have to be worried if they get swept into the sea or stranded on a boat, because the R.N.L.I. will be there for you.