Useful Information for Parents

The National Parent Forum for Scotland

The National Parent Forum for Scotland has been developing resources to help parents understand what Curriculum for Excellence means for their child.  They have been working with Scottish Government, SQA and Education Scotland to ensure that parents get the information they need and want, at the right time.

Two recent publications below contain really useful information regarding the new curriculum structure and what it means for your child:

Progression in a Nutshell CfE

Skills in a Nutshell CfE

In addition to this additional resources have been created for the new Senior Phase qualifications as part of the popular Nutshell series.  They provide a summary of the qualification, with the aim of helping parents and pupils understand more about what is involved.  Highers in a Nutshell are clear, concise guides which summarise each subject, outlining the key skills learners can expect to gain and providing links to further information.  To access the Highers in a Nutshell resources please visit the website at:

In addition to this career resources for you to help your child with this important decision making process can be found below:



Internet Safety

The following resource provides a short but succinct guide for parents around how they can ensure that their child is accessing and using the internet in a safe manner.


UCAS Applications 2017

All S6 pupils had a session on UCAS as part of the S6 induction days and a catch up session was offered for pupils who missed this due to examinations.  For parents the booklet accompanying this session can be found below and the section of the UCAS website for parents is also listed as it is exceptionally useful:

UCAS Guidance Booklet for Students 2017


The link to the UCAS website information for parents can be found here and you can also sign up for a newsletter to receive information on a regular basis.