By Bethany,  Kayla  and Jack


In late 2014, the pupils and staff of Mackie Academy started to question whether or not to start off a group for LGBT members and supporters of the school. The pupils asked Ms Beeley for advice to start an LGBT club for pupils to go to. She was happy to help and with the support from her and other members of staff, they created a successful group that they run weekly. The group meets Wednesday after school from 3:30pm to about 5:00pm. Mackie Academy was the first secondary school to have an LGBT group run by the school in the North-East of Scotland

The group is run by the pupils with the support from staff. Each week the members buy cake to share at the meeting, they discuss issues in the LGBT community and in school. For example they discuss LGBT issues in school like stereotyping and accepting same sex couples. The group also helps people and gives people comfort if they need support and it is a place where they can be themselves without being bullied or stereotyped. The 2 main aims of the group are the social purpose of the group and to raise awareness of the LGBT community.

The group in Mackie Academy is not just for the LGBT community; it welcomes people who support LGBT, friends of the LGBT community and people who are interested in LGBT. Right now the group is creating a poster campaign raise awareness about LGBT in school and in the Stonehaven community

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