This page illustrates some of the work and projects our ex-pupils are involved in once they leave Mackie Academy.


The Kintore Trust Awards began in 1986 and are intended to provide financial support to students who need this for travel abroad for educational purposes. Part of the purpose of the award is to allow pupils of Mackie Academy to meet other students from overseas during their trip abroad.  The awards are made on the basis of a rigorous application process with final decisions made by the Board of Trustees. The normal limit is £3,000 each year in total. Individual projects are preferred by the trustees as opposed to group travel.

In 2015-16 the Kintore Trust Award was made to one individual, Hollie Smith, who travelled to Malaysia to teach for the academic year.  Hollie’s report of her experiences can be found here.

In 2016-17 four ex-pupils – Matthew Ogden, Alexander Evison, Isla Davis and Sophie Pacitti – were worthy recipients of £750 each to support their gap year activities.

Matthew is currently teaching in China and his latest update can be found here.

Alexander is in Botswana and his latest update can be found here.

We are currently awaiting their final reports from their year abroad and will post them here soon.

In 2017-18 three ex-pupils – Aoife Aitken, Callum Pethick and Craig Smith – have each received £1000 to support their gap year activities.  We look forward to hearing about their exploits as the year progresses.