History of Ury

Ury House is a large ruined mansion in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, built in the Elizabethan style in 1885 by Alexander Baird. It is situated on the north-east coast about 1 mile north of Stonehaven in the former county of Kincardineshire. Originally the estate belonged to the Frasers, then the Hays starting in 1413, but eventually became the property of the Earl Marischal. Colonel David Barclay purchased Ury in a lengthy process in late 1660’s and his descendants owned it through 1854 when the estate was purchased by the Baird family.(source Clan Barclay and newspaper archives Stonehaven).Over the years Ury has been rebuilt three times.   In early times the property was known as Urie. In the 17th century Ury was established as the North East Scotland headquarters of the Quaker organisation by David Barclay.

The estate in now owned by The FM Group who have recently lodged a planning application to Aberdeenshire Council for the creation of a world-class 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Championship Golf Course as part of the redevelopment of Ury Estate.

Ury Today

 PT Guidance (Pupil Support): Mrs Fiona Beeley

Register Teachers  2017-18

House Tutor Group Tutor Group Teacher Faculty Days Room
Ury 1U1 Michelle Gray Art, Design and Technology Mon-Fri G6
Ury 1U2 Lynn Collins Science Mon-Fri B9
Ury 2U1 Cameron Angus Performing Arts Mon-Fri G20
Ury 2U2 Linzi Charnley Performing Arts Mon-Fri G2
Ury 3U1 Kirsty Wilson Health Mon-Fri G17
Ury 3U2 Katie Hunter Performing Arts Mon-Fri G11
Ury 4U1 Craig Thomson Health Mon-Thu GH1
Ury 4U1 Julie Keenleyside Health Fri GH1
Ury 4U2 Alan Craig Art, Design and Technology Mon-Fri G4
Ury 5U1 Edward Allen Performing Arts Mon-Fri G21
Ury 5U2 Neil Benzie Science Mon-Fri A4
Ury 6U Gail Mitchell Performing Arts Mon-Fri G7

Pupil Leadership 2017-18