History of Fetteresso

Fetteresso is the name of an ancient parish in Kincardineshire and the town of Stonehaven, as we know it today, lies partly within this parish.  The parish of Fetteresso contains the ruins of an ancient church on Carron Water, Fetteresso Castle, a listed building, and the distinctive Fetteresso Parish Church in Bath Street

Fetteresso Today

Acting PT Guidance (Pupil Support): Mrs Laura Craig


Register Teachers  2018-19

House Tutor Group Tutor Group Teacher  Faculty Days Room
Fetteresso 1F1 Mr Ruraidh Cain Health Mon-Fri D2
Fetteresso 1F2 Mrs Michelle Stirling English Mon-Fri D10
Fetteresso 2F1 Mrs Imogen Davidson English Mon-Fri D5
Fetteresso 2F2 Mrs Mary Dey

Ms Kathy Quinn





Fetteresso 3F1 Mrs Irene MacLean Social Subjects Mon – Fri D3
Fetteresso 3F2 Mr Ryan Smith Health Mon – Fri D1
Fetteresso 4F1 Miss Amanda Barnett English Mon – Fri R6
Fetteresso 4F2 Mr Craig Meikle English Mon – Fri D9
Fetteresso 5F1 Mr David Smith English Mon – Fri D8
Fetteresso 5F2 Mrs Fiona Christie English Mon – Fri D12
Fetteresso 6F Mr Andrew Urquhart English Mon – Fri D7

Pupil Leadership 2018-19

Ellie Andrew 6F

Rebecca Chen 6F, Sports Captain

Isla Davies 6F

Bethany Duffy 6F, Peer Support Captain

Tammy Dobbie 6F

Kirsty Ferguson 6F

Sasha Fothergill 6F, Wider Achievement Captain

Georgia Garrett 6F, House Captain

Morgan Harkins 6F

Molly Law 6F

Dominic Lawson 6F

Finlay Sweetnam 6F

Cameron Taylor 6F

Briony Wright 6F

Nathan Yorkston 6F, House Captain

Patrick Young 6F

Jake Brodie 5F1

Elspeth Walker 5F1

Dean Davidson 5F2

Jedd Kelly 5F2

Emma Low 5F2

Christine Duffy 4F1

Lyra Joyohoy 4F1

Cameron Pace 4F1

Alex Garrett 4F2


Junior House Captains

Betty Alexander 3F1

Abi Wood 3F1

Claudia Cherrie 3F2