History of Dunnottar

Dunnottar House takes its name from the impressive Dunnottar Castle situated on the outskirts of Stonehaven.

William Wallace, Mary Queen of Scots, the Marquis of Montrose and the future King Charles II, all graced the Castle with their presence. Most famously though, it was at Dunnottar Castle that a small garrison held out against the might of Cromwell’s army for eight months and saved the Scottish Crown Jewels, the ‘Honours of Scotland’, from destruction. Crown, sceptre and sword now take pride of place in Edinburgh Castle.

A darker chapter in the history of Dunnottar is that of the ‘Whig’s Vault’. The gruesome story of the imprisonment in 1685 of a group of Covenanters who refused to acknowledge the King’s supremacy in spiritual matters.

The Castle was the home of the Earls Marischal once one of the most powerful families in the land.  The last Earl was convicted of treason for his part in the Jacobite rising of 1715, and as a result his estates, including Dunnottar, were seized by the government.

The buildings were thereafter much neglected until 1925 when the 1st Viscountess Cowdray embarked on a systematic repair of the Castle.  The Castle was officially made open to visitors thereafter.

Dunnottar Today

PT Guidance (Pupil Support): Mrs Elaine Davidson

Register Teachers  2016-17

Class Tutor Group Teacher Faculty Days
1D1 Zac Thompson Supply Mon-Fri
1D2 Sara Stuart Humanities Mon-Fri
2D1 Christina Andrews Humanities Mon-Fri
2D2 Ryan Hewitt Humanities Mon-Fri
3D1 Scott Shanks Social Subjects Mon-Fri
3D2 David Patterson Technologies Mon-Fri
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4D2 Laura Craig Social Subjects Mon-Fri
5D1 Karen McClymont Social Subjects Mon, Wed, Thu
5D1 Carol Meller Support for Learning Tue, Fri
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6D Gerry Lock Humanities Mon-Fri

Pupil Leadership 2016-17

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Cameron Ritchie Stephen Dodds Laura Thompson Adam Lock
Ann Laing Sam Telfer Andrew Blake Chloe Neill

Prefects 2016-17

4D2 Andrew McGillivray
Devin Gilchrist
Katie Davidson
Jack Milton
6D Emma-Clare McEwan
Erin Davidson
Sam Telfer
Ryan Bellu
Beatrice Evison
Lucy Guest
Ethan Latto
Gemma Satterley
David Grant
Clare Stewart
Eilidh Mackay
Kirsty Lawson
Rory MacLellan
Molly Lees
Naomi McGillivray

Junior House Captains 2016-17

Jamie Smith 3D1
Ella Perks 3D2

Pupil Council Representatives 2016-17

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1D1 Aron Staff Elspeth Paterson Joe Tibbett Leon Elms
1D2 Kayleigh Thomson Ally Miller Samantha Hardie Samuel Martin
2D1 Kirsty Hughes Dillon Gilchrist Molly Killoh Cameron Kelly
2D2 Glen Masson Jamie Buchannan
3D1 John Seaton Freya Garden Jasmine Lock Jamie Smith
3D2 Logan McKay-Downie Connor Ogsten Jodie Harris Sophie Owen
4D1 Erin Beedie Rona Shearer Amy Hyder Katie Whittet
4D2 Levi ferguson Rachael Pyper Andrew McGillivray Jayden McLaughlin
5D1 Naomi McGillivray Niamh Hughes Clare Stewart Fraser Meanen
5D2 Rose Martin Adam Davidson Jody Wood
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