History of Cowie


Pupils are divided into five houses which are derived from the surrounding area of Stonehaven. Cowie gets its name from the fishing village and ruined castle which lie to the north of the town.

 Cowie Today

PT Guidance (Pupil Support): Mr Duncan Whyte

Register Teachers  2016-17

Class  Tutor Group Teacher Faculty Days
1C1 Tracey Munro Modern Languages Mon – Wed
1C1 Christine Ward Support for Learning Thu – Fri
1C2 Greg Murray Modern Languages Mon-Fri
2C1 Mhairi Smith Science Mon-Tue
2C1 Debbie Johnstone Science Wed, Thu, Fri
2C2 Jay Sanker Science Mon-Fri
3C1 Kirsty Dormand Modern Languages Mon-Fri
3C2 Mikaela Shand Science Mon-Fri
4C1 John McFayden Science Mon-Fri
4C2 Susan Blake Science Mon-Fri
5C1 Alison Oliver Science Mon-Fri
5C2 Imogen Fulbrook Science Mon-Fri
6C Sophie Demange Modern Languages Mon-Fri

Pupil Leadership 2016-17

House Captains Sports Captains Peer Support Captains Wider Achievement Captains
Adam Diouri Josh Ranon Heather Smith Anna MacLeod
Finlay Macleod Harry Anderson Emily Byrne Emily Marooth



5C1 Amy Tench 5C2 Callum Miller
Anna O’Neill Megan Grant
Beth Wilson
Iwan Kelly 4C1 Erin Coupar
Katherine Robertson
Margaret Parkhill 4C2 Hester Irving
Noah Methven
6C Kianna McKay
Mhairi Cairns
Jack Ralph
Lewie Sawyer
Molly Begg


Junior House Captains 2016-17

Eve Smith 3C1
Matthew Lomax 3C2

Pupil Council Representatives 2016-17

Tutor Group Representative One Representative Two
1C1 Katy Browne Samuel MacFarland
1C2 Abbie Crawford Joshua Coupar
2C1 Bradley Banks Ben Durward
2C2 Shannah Findlay Owen Meiklejohn
3C1 Eve Smith Joseph Marooth
3C2 Iona Dean Georgie Evans
4C1 Leona Duncan Kelsea Taylor
4C2 Liam Byrne Jay Stephen
5C1 Margaret Parkhill Katie Bruce
5C2 Jamie Stewart Alex Travis
6C Emily Byrne Adam Diouri