History of Cowie


Pupils are divided into five houses which are derived from the surrounding area of Stonehaven. Cowie gets its name from the fishing village and ruined castle which lie to the north of the town.

 Cowie Today

PT Guidance (Pupil Support): Mr Duncan Whyte

Register Teachers  2018-19

House Tutor Group Tutor Group Teacher  Faculty Days Room
Cowie 1C1 Susan Blake Science Mon-Fri A5
Cowie 1C2 Andrew Boswell Science Mon-Fri A4
Cowie 2C1 Lynn Collins Science Mon-Fri B9
Cowie 2C2 Gemma Reid Modern Languages Mon-Fri C6
Cowie 3C1 Eleanor Stevenson Social Subjects Mon, Tue, Fri R2
Cowie 3C1 Karen McClymont Social Subjects Wed-Thu R2
Cowie 3C2 Greig Murray Modern Languages Mon-Fri C1
Cowie 4C1 Mhairi Smith Science Wed, Thu C10
Cowie 4C1 Debbie Johnstone Science Mon, Tue, Fri C10
Cowie 4C2 Jay Sankar Science Mon-Fri C7
Cowie 5C1 Kirsty Stevenson Modern Languages Mon-Fri C3
Cowie 5C2 Marta Zacarias Science Mon-Fri B6
Cowie 6C John McFadyen Science Mon-Fri B4

Pupil Leadership 2018-19


Name Class Position of Responsibility
Jamie Reid 6C House Captain
Erin Coupar 6C House Captain
Matthew Reid 6C House Captain
Darcy Kim 6C House Captain
Ellie McGarrity 6C House Captain
Connie Thomson 6C Prefect
Beth Barrow 6C Prefect
Hester Irving 6C Prefect
Ella Pengelly 6C Prefect
Eilidh Haldane 6C Prefect
Megan Smith 6C Prefect
Bethan Wells 6C Prefect
Holly Crawford 5C1 Prefect
Iona McFadden 5C1 Prefect
Lucia Cabrelli 5C1 Prefect
Eve Smith 5C1 Prefect
Poppy Bottomley 5C2 Prefect
Kate Conybeare 5C2 Prefect
Rachel Talbert 5C2 Prefect
Georgie Evans 5C2 Prefect
Alicia Meiklejohn 5C2 Prefect
Tom Robertson 5C2 Prefect
Iain Burt 4C1 Prefect
Rachel Dunbar 4C1 Prefect
Abby Craig 4C2 Prefect
Shannah Findlay 4C2 Prefect
Rachael McLean 4C2 Prefect
Eli Methven 3C1 Junior House Captain
Abbie Crawford 3C2 Junior House Captain
Meraud Steed-Pengelly 3C2 Junior House Captain