Social Subjects

Broad General Education

In S1 pupils study an Integrated Social Studies course based on Scotland, following a chronological theme with how Scotland evolved from the supercontinent of Pangaea and the early peoples who settled this new landscape. The course thereafter studies key points in Scotland’s History as well as the evolvement of Scottish society and political systems taking us right up to the present day and the ongoing debate over Scottish independence. In S2 and S3 pupils study discrete History and Geography. In Physical Geography pupils study how volcanic, mountainous, and glacial landscapes have formed whilst in Human Geography pupils will encounter cityscapes and farming in both the rich and poor world as well as an insight into the difficult environments of the tundra and rainforests. In S2 History pupils study the circumstances and theories surrounding the assassination of JFK as well as life in Germany under Adolf Hitler and in particular the persecution of the Jews. In S3 History the journey of Black Americans in the Civil Rights campaign along with the contribution of the Scots to WW1 and the effects of the war on Scotland.


Senior Phase: History

In National 4/5 History pupils will continue to study Scotland and the Great War.  This will be followed by a study of Britain from 1760-1900.  Finally pupils will complete a topic on Russian History including the revolutions during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II as well as the rise of Lenin and the effects of his dictatorship.  Pupils will complete course work as well as an assignment.  There is also an option for a visit to the Gordon Highlanders Museum as well as a visit from a WW1 weapons specialist.

In Higher History pupils will study Modern British History, Germany from Unification to the Nazis as well as Early 20th Century Scotland.  Course work consists of essays and source questions as well as a personal assignment.

In Advanced Higher History the area of study is Russia from 1914-1945.  Course work continues to build on essay and source skills as well as completing a personal dissertation.  Pupils also have an opportunity to apply for the Lessons From Auschwitz project and visit.

Senior Phase: Geography

In National 4/5 and Higher Geography pupils will encounter coastal, river and limestone landscapes and weather systems  in Physical Environments; world population, industry; changes in rural and urban landscapes in Human Environments and Geographical Issues such as Climate Change,  Development and Health, River Basin Management and Natural Disasters.

Advanced Higher Geography is very much skills based with pupils engaging in a wide range of Physical and Human fieldwork. Alongside this map work, processing and presentation skills will be developed as well as learning how to critically evaluate key Geographical Issues.