Whole School Religious and Moral Education

Broad General Education

Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies is a key component of the curriculum for excellence, and is a process where learners can engage in a search for the meaning, value and purpose of life.  Scotland has a rich diversity of beliefs and this is explored in RMPS.  Learners are encouraged to explore their own beliefs and values whilst considering aspects of other religious beliefs and contrasting those with both religious and non-religious views held within Scotland and the UK.  Through undertaking the RMPS courses in S1-3 learners should develop a broader understanding of the views of others and develop respect for and tolerance of those beliefs. Topics covered include “Life After Death”, ‘Religion and Culture’, ‘Sikhism’ and Morality in the modern world through investigating moral issues such as stem cell research, euthanasia and capital punishment.  In 2013 and 2014  S2 pupils visited the Sikh Gurdwara in Glasgow.  In S3 pupils can select RMPS as an option and will learn about Religion and relationships as well as learning about world religions with a view to organising an inter-faith event for s1-2 pupils. The first Inter-faith event was held in November 2014.

Senior Phase

In S4 all pupils study RMPS as a core subject.  Learners will undertake an SQA National 4 or 5 unit of study covering philosophy of religion.  Learners will study the question of whether or not God exists and study the main philosophical arguments surrounding this issue. This unit of work will be accredited by the SQA.

In the Senior Phase learners can also choose to study RMPS.

There are two options for study of N5:

1. The N5 full course – 4 periods per week.  This course consists of the study of a major world religion: Islam.  Other units include the study of a moral issue eg Morality and Conflict and the Origins of Life.

2. RMPS as a 7th option – 2 periods per week.  The learning covered in the BGE in S3 and S4 supplemented by the further study of Islam and the N5 assignment will prepare learners for the SQA N5 examination.

In S5/6 pupils can select Higher RMPS. The course covers the study of Judaism, Relgious and Philsophical Questions on the Existence of God and Morality and Punishment.

For those learners on Twitter @MackieRMPS provides regular subject updates and links to articles relevant to study in the Senior Phase.

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