Modern Languages

Broad General Education

From August 2016 all pupils in S1 will learn both French and Spanish in line with the government’s 1 + 2 Policy and will continue the study of these two languages until the end of their Broad General Education. They will learn to read, write, listen and talk in French and Spanish and also gain an understanding of French and Spanish cultures and of the culture of many of the other French and Spanish speaking countries across the world.

German will also be offered as an Elective for S2 pupils in 2016 with the chance to continue further up the school. This will allow them to make excellent use of the language and literacy skills gained previously and to progress quite quickly in a new language. A trip to the Christmas German market in Edinburgh has, in the past, allowed them to try out their German and learn more about the culture of German speaking countries as well.

In S3 Pupils who came to Mackie in 2016 will continue to study both French and Spanish. German will continue to be offered for pupils who have done the S2 Elective to give them the opportunity to take two languages – something which is essential in today’s world where knowledge of foreign languages is becoming even more important than before.

Senior Phase

There are many language opportunities at Mackie Academy as we offer three languages to Advanced Higher level – French, German and Italian.

Pupils are able to continue with French and German to National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels and may also opt to take Italian as a crash course at all three levels.

The transferable skills gained in either French or German are of great benefit when learning Italian. For a pupil who has come to Mackie with no previous knowledge of a foreign language at all, this could also be an excellent opportunity to gain a qualification in a modern language.

The Faculty of Modern Languages is also quite unique in the North-east of Scotland as it offers pupils the opportunity to take the Scottish Languages Baccalaureate, a qualification widely promoted by the Scottish government with successful pupils every year since the qualification was introduced. There is certainly much on offer for pupils who want to go far!