Childrens University

Children who have registered for Children’s university have been given a hard-copy Passport to Learning which is to be used for him/her to collect stamps/signatures from organisers of clubs/activities validated by Children’s University, and have also has also been given a log-in and password for the e-passport site, which can be accessed at

 Information from the hard passport about the time spent on activities will be uploaded to this e-passport at times specified by the school.  The site, however, also gives you and your child the opportunity to search for validated activities and learning destinations and activities, both in the local area and further afield, and to get news about any one – off activities they could take part in.  These could include local events or activities that are available on-line.  This is especially useful if you are planning holidays or days out as your child can gather credits if you are visiting places of interest as a family.

If you want to know more about Children’s university, please contact the school.