Aims of Mackie Academy

Mackie Academy is a learning community whose duty is to provide the highest quality education for each learner in an environment where they feel valued and respected.  This will be achieved through:

1. A high quality curriculum which is well-planned and offers breadth, balance and choice appropriate to the needs of each learner.

2. The opportunity for learners to gain the highest possible achievement in coursework and qualifications in accordance with their abilities.

3. A high quality learning and teaching environment which meets each learner’s needs, builds on prior learning, is effectively assessed and clearly reported.

4. High quality pastoral care and support for learning for all learners according to their needs.

5. The provision of qualified staff, good accommodation and resources with a particular commitment to staff development.

6. A positive and welcoming ethos in the school based on mutual support, equality, fairness, healthy living and respect for others, their property and the environment.

7. Opportunities for learners to develop self-esteem, responsibility, personal effectiveness and consideration for others through a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

8. Preparing learners for life beyond school through the development of core skills, active citizenship, education for work and an appreciation of learning as a vital lifelong experience.

9. Valuing and promote partnership, teamwork and leadership among staff, learners, parents, the wider community and other agencies.

10. Providing a safe and secure environment in which the health & safety of all members of the school community is ensure at all times.

11. Ensuring that these aims are achieved through ongoing evaluation and development involving the whole school community.