Monthly Information for Parents: April 2019

As we reach the end of term please find our final monthly email here.  In addition to this our Spring Newsletter will soon be out and highlighted on the school website and Twitter so that you can see all the achievements of this term.  We will send a reminder about this at the beginning of next term too.

As we head into the holidays can I please ask for the support of parents on the return to school to ensure that your child is wearing appropriate clothing in line with our school uniform expectations.  Next term there will be a full consultation of pupils and parents on school uniform, as previously explained, so that everyone is clear on expectations and the school can ensure that we are focusing on pupil attainment, achievement and health and wellbeing.

In the last few weeks behaviours amongst elements of certain year groups has not been great.  Further information is in the monthly email is provided and we will continue to work with pupils and parents to ensure that our high expectations around our core values of Excellence, Commitment, Integrity and Teamwork are maintained.

If you are managing to have a break over the school holiday period the school wishes you a restful one.  If not, let’s hope that the spring sunshine continues over Stonehaven and the surrounding area.  We will see all pupils back in school on Monday, 15th April 2019.

Louise Moir

Head Teacher